Welcome to SRSModule Reset Repair Service

Welcome to our site we offer a service to reset, repair airbag modules, seat belts, clusters and ECU’s. Services we offer: Remove Crash Data from SRS  Airbag Modules (deployed airbags? Crash data stored? Accident? No problem we will remove and restore to OEM specs) Repair and restore Seat belts and buckles (deployed locked up seat belts? No problem send it in and we will restore them for you) Restore clusters with mileage correction (flood vehicles, damaged clusters, engine swaps??? No problem we will correct any mileage) Restore ECU’s from flood, swap keys for the ignition (no need to take car to dealer send new or used ECU and your original and we will transfer all the data including keys for ignition) We dont work on German vehicles, VOLVO’s, Chrysler’s, JEEP, Range Rovers, Humers Feel free to ask a question with whatever vehicle you have and what you need and we will let you know if we can help or not.


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