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SRS Airbag Module Reset And Seat Belt Repair – Acura ILX

Acura ILX SRS Airbag Module Reset Service

Erase Crash Data From Your Original Airbag Module And Save

SRSModule™ will restore your original SRS airbag module to OEM specs by re-flashing your airbag module with original data from factory.
No need to buy new or used get yours reset and save. Our service is 100% guaranteed and requires no additional programming.

If you have questions gives a call at 1.800.818.4498

Acura TLX 2014 part number 77960-TZ4-A040-M1

Acura TLX 2014 part number  TZ4-A040-M1 we can remove crash data from this unit after accident when airbags deployed. Visit our SHOP section and select a $40 dollar reset.