• SRSModules

    Crash data removal

    We remove crash data from srs airbag modules. Years covered 1996-2014 Price starts at $40

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  • Seat Belts, Buckles & Pretensioners

    Starting at $55 for single and $90 for dual

    We repair seat belts, buckles, pretensioners. Single stage or dual stage. A single stage means it has 1 plug and a dual stage means it has 2 plugs.

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  • Mileage Calibration

    Starting at $80

    We do mileage calibration due to flood, fire and malfunction.

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  • ECU Data Swap Key IMMO

    Starting at $60

    We do ECU data swaps for key ignition. No need to go to dealer send both ECUs and we will transfer key information.

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Welcome to SRSModule services

We will reset your srs module and load original dealer data. Our service is 100% guaranteed or your money back. Your airbags will function as normal again and will deploy if accident occurs.

If your seat belts locked up we can also repair them, send them in with your modules.

Dealerships and diagnostic tools can clear the fault and error codes but will not remove CRASH DATA having you buy a new one. Our service will restore to OEM specs making it a new unit.

Service starts at $40 for SRS modules & $55 for Seat belts. Includes shipping back to you.

Stop buying new or used airbag modules get yourCRASH DATA removed and save.